These are the conditions you are asked to sign if you foster for SGS

1. Not to use the dog/s for breeding, racing, hunting or sport or allow the dog/s to annoy any livestock on or around farmland whilst in my care.


2. Not to part with the dog/s other than to return it to the organisation.


3. To consult with the organisation in relation to veterinary treatment required by the dog/s unless in an emergency where immediate treatment will be



4. To keep the dog/s ONLEASH at ALL and muzzled times whilst in public places. Exceptions may only be made with express permission from the SGS Team.


5. To only allow the dog/s offleash in safely fully secured areas. During any such time the dog/s MUST be MUZZLED.


6. Should the dog go missing I will notify Scottish Greyhound Sanctuary IMMEDIATELY followed by the police and dog warden.


7. To house the dog/s inside and not keep in an out building, shed or kennel.


8. To ensure the dog/s wears a collar and identity disk provided at all

times and is never left tied up outdoors in a public place.


9. I understand that should the organisation have reason to believe the dog/s is not being looked after to the expected standard, or if I breach any of the conditions above, the organisation reserves the right to remove the dog/s from my care.

Postal address only

24 Abbotshall Road



AB15 9JX

Scotland, UK

0845 643 9335

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