Rose came into SGS care at the end of 2019. Just 8 months old but with a serious heart condition. We decided she deserved a chance at life so she was referred to the vet school to see how she could be helped. We were told she needed major heart surgery, but there was no guarantee it would work.

By the time Rose was seen at the vey school she was already in heart failure. But this brave little puppy defied the odds and came through the operation. Her recovery will be a long one, she may never be 100% well, but she has a real fighting spirit.

Rose is in the best possible foster home where she is enjoying family life. Only time will tell how successful the surgery has been. 

The vet school in Edinburgh has been amazing with Rose but the bills are mounting up. If you would like to contribute to Rose's recovery any amount would be greatly appreciate

We think Rose's life is worth every penny spent on the vet bills.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates on how Rose is getting on