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Thinking of adopting a greyhound or lurcher? Here's how to do it!

 Step 1 - Read about hounds!


If you are new to sighthounds please read through our information pages. This will help you decide if a hound is for you! You'll also find useful information about sighthound traits and the costs involved in adopting a rescue hound.

 Step 2 - Fill out an application form

Once we have received this one of the team will give you a call. We'll explain the rehoming process and ask a bit more about you. Then we'll arrange for a volunteer to carry out a home check.

 Step 3 - Home Check

One of our volunteers will visit you and your family (we ask that everyone who lives in the house is there). They will ask a few more questions and take notes about the location of your house, what the garden is like etc. They may bring their own hound with them.

 Step 4 - Get matched

If you pass the home check we'll start looking to match you with a homeless hound.

The length of time this takes depends on your circumstances and the nature of the dogs we have ready for homing.


For instance, if you have young kids we would want to give you a dog that's been around kids in its foster home. Or if you work we wouldn't place a dog that has bad separation anxiety with you. If you have a cat it can take quite a while as only some of our hounds are 'cat trainable'.

Have a look at our video to find out more about how we match dogs to homes.

 Step 5 - Adopt!

Once we identify a dog that might be suitable we will put you in touch with the foster home where the dog is. You can find out more about the dog then arrange to meet. If you decide that's the dog for you we will organise a suitable time for you to take him or her home.

That's not where it ends though!

 Step 6 - Follow up

We actively follow up on every dog we rehome so will stay in touch for the first few months then periodically thereafter. You'll be allocated 2 team members who are only a phone call away if you experience any settling in issues. Also, whether you've had your dog weeks months or years the SGS Team is always there to help.



SGS has a wonderful community you are very welcome to join. Every adoption comes with one year free membership, but you can also join without adopting.  Our membership page explains more.

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