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Any vet  bills will be paid for by Scottish Greyhound Sanctuary while you are fostering, and food can also be provided if necessary. Your Fostering Co-ordinator is there to answer any questions you have, help with any problems you come across, and will be there to support you step by step in the fostering process. We also have a qualified dog behaviourist on the team for any expert advice you may need.

Some dogs may need housetraining, to be introduced to household appliances, socialised with people and other dogs, basic obedience training, lead training, and to get used to busy streets, roads etc. All dogs are different as others may need none of this and will slot right into life in a home perfectly with no issues at all.


Fostering is a wonderful, rewarding experience and seeing a dog you have helped go on to thrive in its new home is amazing. But it can be challenging too, so please think hard about what you could and couldn't cope with. Our Fostering FAQs and the words of wisdom from a serial fosterer will help you decide if fostering is for you.


Be warned though, fostering is addictive!!!


Some of the most valued volunteers in Scottish Greyhound Sanctuary are the kind people who foster our homeless dogs. It is a very rewarding experience and without caring foster families many of the homeless dogs would be overlooked in kennels and never find their forever home. 


As a foster carer your job is to help a dog adapt to living in a family home. But your assessment of the dog is also very important as it will help us decide what type of permanent home is suitable. 


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