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SGS welcomes new volunteers to help out where they can

There are many volunteering opportunities within Scottish Greyhound Sanctuary, for example:

  • Helping with our fundraising activities including city centre can can collections in   Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee and Inverness, or running your own fundraiser on     our  behalf

  • Coming along to our monthly organised walks

  • Attending Events eg. manning a stall at our Summer or Christmas show

  • Home Checking; an essential part of the re-homing process, be the SGS representative meeting a potential adopter

  • Transportation, taking dogs to their foster homes from our kennels or to and from the vets for example


And anything else you think we might benefit from!

Please note that SGS receives many volunteer applications. It is very difficult to use volunteers for important jobs, like homechecks, when we don't know you very well so coming along to one of our walks would let you meet some of the team and let us meet you! In the meantime why not join our forum, which is the main hub of Scottish Greyhound Sanctuary and a great way to find out what is going on and to see any appeals for volunteers.

Unfortunately we are unable to use volunteers in our kennels so we cannot offer this type of experience.

If you would like to volunteer for Scottish Greyhound Sanctuary please fill out an application form

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