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The SGS Team is made up of four Trustees and a Management Committee, all of whom are elected at our Annual General Meeting

Meet the Team


Suzanne Simpson


I live in Aberdeen with my Greyhounds Jude and Oscar. I have had hounds all my life and have been involved with SGS for a number of years now. I find it so rewarding to be part of a group who strive so hard to give these very special dogs the life they deserve. These dogs are so adaptable, they fit perfectly into my lifestyle and since having my first greyhound I have taken them on holiday all over the British Isles, no problem. A joy to be with, always.


Emma MacLeod

Vice Chair

My husband and I live in Fife with our rescued greyhound, Isla who we adopted from SGS. We lost George and Rocky before him not too long ago. We have been involved in fostering and volunteering for SGS for several years now. It's hugely rewarding taking in a dog to foster and helping them flourish into wonderful pets. I am part of the rehoming team looking for great homes for our dogs.


Lorraine Baker


I live in Glasgow with my family and our Lurcher, Fonzie. While researching sighthounds, I made a great discovery: SGS, who helped us with the learning curve. Fonzie, a greyhound/”bull” – lurcher, came to us from SGS as a foster dog in May 2011. Anyone who met knows why we couldn’t let him go! He stayed and brought so much fun and joy to our lives. Sadly we lost him in 2022. I believe there is a problem in this country with sighthounds and indeed dogs in general and how they are treated and regarded by society. I am part of the solution, are you?


Jacqueline Brown


I've also been around dogs for most of my life, but my first greyhound didn't come along until 2006. I quickly learned that greyhounds are the most gentle, beautiful, loving creatures, yet they suffer horrendously in this world. There are a lot of misconceptions about greyhounds, such as that they can't live with cats. Well I've had two cats and six greyhounds over the years who have all got along fine! I am currently owned by 8 year old Sasha, 10 year old Bertie and 16 year old Bella. I joined the SGS Team in 2016 and at the moment I deal mostly with the tech and graphic design side of things. I'm honoured to be part of such a wonderful charity.


Janice Reid-Foster


Rescuing dogs was a family thing, my parents rescued their first dog Spot in Persia and took him down to Kenya were we farmed. More waifs and strays joined the family and that has been the pattern all my life. About 18 years ago I rescued my first lurcher and after having 3 of these amazing dogs alongside a mixed bunch of water spaniels, GSDs and an English Setter ,  I adopted Lucy greyhound from the SGS. The rest is history and we now have 3 greyhounds and 3 lurchers, mostly failed fosters!. Helping the team to rehome these wonderful dogs is a way of saying thank you for the pleasure our dogs gives us. The bonus is making great friends through SGS.


Susan Ross

Homeless Dogs

I live in Livingston with my daughter Elle and our greyhound Jake and Collie Milo.   I’m known as the SGS team serial fosterer, having fostered roughly 60 dogs over the last 11 years.  I’ve had Greyhounds in my life since 2010 when I first discovered SGS and fostered my first greyhound Kallie, she never left and became my first failed foster 😂  I help co-ordinate the homeless dogs and make sure they get to where they're meant to be.   I’ve been part of the team for roughly 9 years now and can’t imagine not being part of it, helping these dogs may not make a difference to us humans but for these dogs it saves many lives and for that I’m privileged to be a part of.


Shona Carter


I found SGS after taking in a wee lurcher girl who was being dumped. SGS helped find her perfect home. I became an SGS fosterer then after 2 years I joined the team. I already had two labradors Tanya and Tia along with a feisty cat, Jeckle. Sadly Tanya and my first greyhound Gemma are no longer with us. At the moment our pack consists of Tia the lab, greyhound Jack, my handsome handful Rico, hairy monster staffy cross Zion and lurchers Jodie and Mac. 

Before I got to know sighthounds I would never have considered having them as part of my family. But I soon learned most of the rumours about greyhounds and lurchers are untrue and I recommend them to everyone!


Claire Baker

Events and Behaviourist

I have been on the SGS team for a few years now. I joined after having had a Greyhound and Lurcher for several years. Being a professional, qualified dog behaviourist I am able to help our fosterers and adopters with any issues that may arise with their hound. I also organise the events that SGS run and attend and i take care of the Merchandise. I currently have a very handsome Bull-Lurcher, Fonzie, at home who came to us with a few issues of his own, but with patience and hard work we have managed to work through them and he is just the Best!


Lianne Donald


I have been volunteering for SGS for a few years now, initially as a fosterer for homeless hounds. When Izzy arrived, my second foster, I couldn't let her go. She has been with us ever since, assisting me with home checks, and helping other foster dogs find their feet when they arrive! I live in the North East and love arranging to go for long walks with other dogs (and their owners).


Kirsteen Campbell


 I live on the Isle of Skye with my husband and our three rescued greyhounds, Neive, Rury and Ozzy.  We rescued our first greyhound from SGS several years ago and ever since then we’ve been hooked!  We love going on adventures with our greyhounds and take them with us on our travels around the UK and France.  I am delighted to be part of the SGS team helping other greyhounds and lurchers find their forever homes.


Judith Forrest


I first fell for the look of gorgeous greyhounds, aged 10, when I spent 1/6d (two weeks pocket money!) on an Art Nouveau brooch in a tabletop sale. But I had to wait another 55 years before the lovely Jura joined our family, followed in two years by Charlie. We live in sight of the Campsie Fells.

I have been very grateful for the brilliant advice and help offered by the knowledgeable and experienced SGS volunteers, and I have learned so much from them, so I was very chuffed to be asked in January to become a member of the Team. I think of my contribution as representing newer hound friends and being able to ask the daft questions!


Ellen McMillan


I initially became involved with SGS in 2008 around the time the charity started. I already had a rescue lurcher Kyle, from SSPCA, and a greyhound from Greyhound rescue fife. I was keen to volunteer and soon began fundraising then fostering for SGS. Eventually I became more involved on the team and became the follow-ups person at the time. In 2010 I failed with my SGS foster dog Paco, he was 9 and I couldn't bear the thought of him going anywhere else.

In 2011 I stepped away from SGS as being a new mum, having 3 dogs and working full time left me short of time. I continued to do homechecks and take emergency fosters, but it feels good to be back on the team helping with rehomings! 

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