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These are the conditions you are asked to sign if you foster for SGS

1. Not to use the dog/s for breeding, racing, hunting or sport or allow the dog/s to annoy any livestock on or around farmland whilst in my care.


2. Not to part with the dog/s other than to return it to the organisation.


3. To consult with the organisation in relation to veterinary treatment required by the dog/s unless in an emergency where immediate treatment will be sought.


4. To keep the dog/s ONLEASH at ALL and muzzled times whilst in public places. Exceptions may only be made with express permission from the SGS Team.


5. To only allow the dog/s offleash in safely fully secured areas. During any such time the dog/s MUST be MUZZLED.


6. Should the dog go missing I will notify Scottish Greyhound Sanctuary IMMEDIATELY followed by the police and dog warden.


7. To house the dog/s inside and not keep in an out building, shed or kennel.


8. To ensure the dog/s wears a collar and identity disk provided at all times and is never left tied up outdoors in a public place.

9. We that fosterers please DO NOT change their foster dog's name. Rescued greyhounds may have had different names before they came to SGS and their forever family might want to change it again when they adopt. So to avoid lots of confusion for the dog and us please don't give them a new name, ever if the one they come with isn't your cup of tea!


10. I understand that should the organisation have reason to believe the dog/s is not being looked after to the expected standard, or if I breach any of the conditions above, the organisation reserves the right to remove the dog/s from my care.

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