Sponsor Kennels

These are the kennels and the dogs currently bring sponsored. The sponsor dogs are updated regularly as they are rehomed.

Kennel 1 -Ruby
Kindly sponsored by: Stephie Clark; Irene Lally; Jax Brown; Charlie Myles; Brenda Garnett; Stephen McLeod; Jonathan Cowlan; Elaine&Billy McKinlay; John, Helen and Samantha Cassidy; Michelle Goodwin; Jessica Russell; Amanda Warnes
Kennel 2 - Luath
Kindly sponsored by; Elaine & Billy McKinley; Lisa Hamer; Natasha Myles; Diane McElroy; Lorraine & David Baker; Lorraine Baillie; Jean Kilpatrick, Laura Leonard; Maureen Muldoon in memory of James Muldoon; Gabi Wooley; Yolanda Robertson; Pat Gilchrist
Kennel 3 - Taffy
Kindly Sponsored by; Phylis Pieraccini; James and Maureen Muldoon; Eric Dalton; Lisa Hamer; Mary Kreuger (in memory of Bobby); Roseann Foster; Denise MacGregor, Lucy McCormick; Keir Turner; Jackie McKenzie; John Nicholls; Margaret McConnell
Kennel 4 - Coco
Kindly Sponsored by; Steven & Tenzing Duff; Deborah & Ed Warren Griffiths; Anthony Quinn & Timothy Pogson; Lyndsey Gibson; Adam McSkimming; Beverley Melville; Caroline Gibb; Janet Fraser; Ciaran Synnot; Joan Clarke
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