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These are the conditions you are asked to sign if you adopt a dog from SGS

I am the new owner and I agree that:

  • I have taken possession of the dog described above

  • I have been provided with a muzzle for use with this dog and have been advised on appropriate use. I also agree to employ said muzzle whenever necessary

  • I am adopting this dog as a family pet. I will give him/her a caring and secure home and will not house him outdoors. I realise that he may not have lived in a home before now therefore accept that he/she may not be fully housetrained.

  • He/She will not be raced, used for breeding, abandoned, sold or given away

  • If not already neutered, I will have this dog neutered within 3 months of the adoption date above, I also agree to provide written proof to SGS that this has been done

  • The dog will wear an identity disk or tag at all times. Should he/she go missing I will in form the council dog warden, the police and SGS immediately and will take all possible steps to find him/her.

  • I will seek veterinary attention for this dog whenever necessary. I am responsible for all veterinary fees from the date of adoption above and that I have been advised to consider the advantages of joining a pet insurance scheme

  • I am aware of the responsibilities of owning a sighthound that has been trained to chase and will not allow this dog to become a nuisance or to worry or injure livestock or small animals

  • At no time shall the dog be allowed out on his/her own and that he/she will be walked on a lead unless he is being exercised in a safe, secure area under my supervision

  • I shall not entrust responsibility for the dog to any person who is incapable or unwilling to exercise an appropriate level of control. Nor shall I otherwise place the dog in a position whereby he may become endangered in any way

  • I will make provision to exercise the dog should I leave him/her unattended for more than five hours

  • I will allow an SGS representative to visit the dog to check on his/her welfare at any reasonable time. If the representative considers that the conditions under which the dog is being kept are unsatisfactory I will allow him to be repossessed

  • I will request support form SGS (or an appropriate third party) if I become aware that the dog is suffering from a behavioural issue, e.g. separation anxiety, destructiveness, poor house training and will co-operate with them in an attempt to resolve the issue

  • I will inform SGS immediately of any change in my circumstances, i.e. change of address, telephone number etc

  • If I am unable to keep him/her in the agreed manner, I will return this dog to SGS

  • I agree not to use harsh training methods or devices such as electric or prong collars

  • I am over 18

  • I have read and understood the above conditions. If I fail to comply in any way with the terms of this declaration, or if SGS considers it to be in the interest of the dog, SGS at it’s absolute discretion, may repossess the animal

  • SGS does not sell dogs. However, we do request a minimum donation from all successful applicants to assist us in our continuing efforts to rescue and rehome greyhounds and lurchers.

  • The minimum donation required is £185.00. SGS may, at their discretion, agree to rehome a dog for a lesser amount.

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