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Sponsor the Macau Greyhounds 

Between now and April 2019 SGS is offering a special sponsorship package to help bring the Macau Greyhounds to safety in Scotland

The Macau stadium was known for years as a place of suffering and death. It was the racetrack with the highest mortality rate in the world with on average one death per day. It is estimated that between 16,000 and 18,000 greyhounds were killed there over the last 50 years. 

In 2018, after years of campaigning, the infamous Macau Greyhound stadium closed its doors to the public...for good.

Since the battle to close the stadium was won a huge international operation has been underway to get the 650 greyhounds left there to safety. SGS is proud to be part of this and in the spring will welcome 6 of the Macau Greyhounds to Scotland. 

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You can help us the get the Macau dogs to safety by sponsoring our special kennel for a one off cost of £30.


All money raised through sponsorship will go towards the transport costs (from London), neutering, vet fees and day to day care of the 6 Macau Greyhounds while they await their forever homes.

As a sponsor you will get:

  • Access to the special sponsorship area of the SGS Forum 

  • A sponsorship certificate 

  • Your name displayed on our Forum and Website (you can opt out of this if you prefer)

  • A little gift as a token of our appreciation.



You can fill out an application form here

Join SGS and hundreds of others help the Macau dogs find the safety and comfort they deserve
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